Maregrave (docu, 25’, dir Justine Cappelle), was a first short documentary filmed by Jordan Vanschel. In 2017 it was selected for IDFA (International Documentary Festival Amsterdam). One year later, the film was awarded an Ensor in the student competition for 'best debut as a Director of Photography' at Filmfestival Oostende 2018 and later, it won the 'Grand Prix' in Georgia at TISFF .

Short after, Jordan continued to work on other documentary films, as well as commercial projects. In the following years, he filmed several music videos for artists like Tamino, Angèle, Zwangere Guy, Selah Sue, blackwave and Tsar B. 


2021 - Lost Luggage, fiction TV series
(directors Kaat Beels / Ibbe Daniëls / Nahatlie Basteyns)
for VRT, available on Disney+

2022 - De Twaalf season 2, fiction TV series
(director Kaat Beels) for VRT / Netflix

2023 - Skiff, feature film
(director Cecilia Verheyden)

2024 - Putain, fiction TV series
(director Deben Van Dam)

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